Kroll Family Trust (KFT) is committed to helping exceptional entrepreneurs build lasting, category-defining companies through our venture capital activities. Utilizing a focused, “prepared mind” approach to investing, we partner with businesses that show potential for significant long-term success in specific sectors.

KFT know there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to building a lasting company when it comes to venture capital investing. As trusted peer, partner and confidant, we encourage our entrepreneurs to decide what their unique business requires to succeed. KFT help realize their vision with personalized, thoughtful and expeditious support.

Our Portfolio

Faythe | AI Based Financial Ecosystem

Faythe is a decentralised AI, blockchain and cryptocurrency project. The Faythe Protocol delivers massive advantages compared to the initial and current iterations of the blockchain. The Faythe Protocol is managed by a network based AI that is able to compute on encrypted information greatly improving speed, resource use and security over the network. This technology solves both the high cost of a traditional blockchain network as well as the possibility of any internal or external attack.

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Zen Protocol | A Decentralized Financial System

Zen Protocol gives you control over your own financial assets. It’s a trading floor, a broker, and a tool for making new instruments, all on a parallel blockchain that connects to Bitcoin. Just as Bitcoin is designed as peer-to-peer money, Zen Protocol is designed for peer-to-peer trade, giving you total control over your financial assets. Zen is built from the ground up to help developers write fast, scalable and reliable smart contracts.

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aZone | Share. Create. Achieve. Privately.

As we enter the age where billions of devices are transforming the real and digital worlds we are living in, we are committed to being authentic, real, and mindful in everything we do. We are bringing our vision to fruition with the development of mindful innovation, and by creating products, platforms, and services that will help humanity to communicate and connect in new, efficient, profound, and meaningful ways.

buddi | Language understanding

buddi’s mission is to enable people to communicate naturally with the digital world around us. We provide digital businesses with intelligent agents that can handle human-like conversation. buddi’s proprietary NLU technology solves three major obstacles: No training/unique Data, language variability and identifies intent. We believe that “Conversation is the Future & the Future is Now”.


Ripple’s technology automatically identifies non-financial events and the ripple impact they have on specific companies in the financial markets in real time. A non-financial event can range from a politician joking about global warming to a natural disaster. Ripple’s proprietary technology decodes text with an unparalleled level of depth and accuracy. Our key differentiator and edge stems from combining methodologies for decoding ancient scripts and languages with state of the art machine learning and NLP algorithms.

onh | Smart. Collaborative. Cities.

onh’s smart management systems simplifies communication between municipalities and its residents. By enabling a more effective workflow through data analytics and vast collaboration we promote citizen involvement and municipal accountability. onh’s main platforms, “Visitt” and “Tmate” are both web platforms. One is dedicated to supervising routine maintenance inspections and the other is designed to make facilities more approachable and easy to book online.

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Seeya | Reinventing Communication.

Seeya significantly improves the world by providing a unique interface with a groundbreaking approach to how we communicate through digital devices. Seeya is a platform that reintroduces humanity into the way we communicate and do business with each other. Seeya understands us and learns every day how to improve our daily interactions and enables us to regain the freedom of choice to find out the real beauty underlying the future of communication.

Visitt | Your Digital COO

Visitt is an end to end platform that combines fieldwork, management, and external workorders in a single solution. By accessing real-time data and the correct set of tools, tailored for an efficient process, Visitt gives its  customers the advantage they need. Meet and exceed customer expectations, manage more with less effort and predict the future. From a family-owned cleaning company to multinational facility management companies, Visitt’s platform caters different industries such as healthcare, commercial, residential and rental.

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