Through its support of select publications (e.g., exhibitions catalogues, research projects, monographs, etc.), the Trust seeks to support innovative scholarship in the visual arts with particular regard to Russian modernism. Following is a list of completed publications as well as those that are just getting under way:


By Geraldine Norman | April 2018

Книга Джеральдин Норман — известного журналиста, директора Фонда друзей Эрмитажа в Великобритании, советника М. Б. Пиотровского, рассказывает историю жизни двух выдающихся деятелей русской культуры — Михаила Пиотровского и его отца Бориса Борисовича Пиотровского, велением судьбы оказавшихся руководителями самого большого музея в России и в мире — Государственного Эрмитажа. Борис Пиотровский стал директором в 1964 году и возглавлял музей почти 26 лет, а Михаил Борисович был назначен на этот пост в 1992 году и занимает его по сей день. Вот уже более полувека династия Пиотровских хранит традиции легендарного музея, налаживает связи с Западом и Востоком и приумножает богатства мировой культуры.

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Dynastic Rule | Mikhail Piotrovsky & the Hermitage

By Geraldine Norman | November 30th 2016

Geraldine Norman wrote the book, ‘The Hermitage: The Biography of a Great Museum’ which was published in 1997. She started the ‘Hermitage Magazine’ and the ‘UK Friends of the Hermitage’ in 2003. And now, in collaboration with the Kroll Family Trust, she is working on this book to explain to herself – and hopefully to others – what Mikhail Piotrovsky has achieved for the Hermitage and what makes him tick.

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SOPHIE’S TESTAMENT | From Hanover to Siberia

Ingeborg Prior | April 2016 | Novosibirsk

In 2002, the author Ingeborg Prior published the “The Life of Sophie Lissitzky-Küppers” in German language. An informative book about the colorful and often tragic life of Sophie Küppers in Russia and in Novosibirsk where she spent the last three decades of her life. Kroll Family Trust, with collaboration of the Lissitzky Foundation at the Vanabbe Museum, published the Russian edition of the book on April 2016.

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By Alexander Kantsedikas | October 31st 2017

Alexander Kantsedikas, together with the Kroll Family Trust and the El Lissitzky Foundation has worked on this important publication of the initial stage of Lissitzky’s work prior to his departure for Vitebsk in 1919 which is described as his “Jewish period.” In following this path he created several works that are now regarded as his masterpieces. His earliest known sketches, which date from 1910, already bear the imprint of a professional eye and an architect’s skill.

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