Among the Trust's collections are in-depth holdings of paintings, drawings, objects, and ephemera by and about leading Israeli, European and Russian modernist artists of the early 20th century. While not encyclopaedic in character, these holdings nonetheless contain some of the finest masterpieces by the key artists belonging to this special period in the history of art. This collection has grown and continues to grow over 3 generations of acquisition activity, building strength upon strength.

The Catalogues Archive

20th Century Russian Modern art exhibition catalogues

In the past decade, Kroll Family Trust has amassed the largest privately held archive of 20th Century Russian Modern art exhibition catalogues. We constantly seek to enlarge our already unique catalogue database of historically important events such as Mir Iskusstva ‘The World of Art’, Moscow Salon, 0.10, Knave of Diamonds and the scandalous Donkey’s Tail.

KFT believe in perpetuating the vital link between the art world and academia such that even a greater understanding of this art form can be achieved by younger generations. By preserving and making available this Archive, KFT strives to assist future generations in the pursuit of research and educational activities.

We currently work on digitizing the archive by scanning and translating all catalogues to be available to all scholars, researchers, institutions and private collectors worldwide. We believe that building such a comprehensive online data base can serve the art world for years to come. We welcome collaboration proposals from institutions and scholars who are willing to help facilitate the process.